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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a method of hands on treatment with a goal to improve joint function and neural control in the body. 

The hands on treatment is commonly applied as spinal adjustments or joint manipulation, where a joint cavitation (pop) is often heard with the application of a high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) thrust, also known as the adjustment. Joint manipulation can also be achieved with Chiropractic adjusting tools such as (but not limited too) the Activator and Drop piece table. 

Treatment often focuses on the spinal column however joint manipulation can also be applied to the joints in your extremities. In addition to improving joint function in the spine and extremities other treatments include, soft tissue therapy and guided rehabilitation exercises. 

By improving joint function, Chiropractors look to improve the function of your nervous system.


As the brain and nervous system control the body, improvement in its function allows your body to heal itself and perform to its full potential.

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ACC registered provider.

The Accident Compensation Corporation (formed in 1974) is a New Zealand wide corporation that offers support to anyone who is injured in an accident while they are in New Zealand, under the ACC’s no-fault scheme.

This includes adults, children, beneficiaries and students. ACC support is provided to anyone working, unemployed, retired or visiting New Zealand. The cover provides help to pay for the costs of recovery. This includes payment towards treatment.

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