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Pain vs. Injury

What is the difference between an injury and general pain?

Injury: “oh cr*p” moment that happened recently. Consistent and obvious where it hurts and what movements make it worse and better. physical changes like weakness, redness, swelling, heat. In New Zealand injury rehabilitation is often subsidised by ACC.

Pain: Without an obvious mechanism of origin, Pain from no injury can vary person to person. It won't be too obvious how it started (can be many different things that start it), where the pain is or how long it’s around for. Headaches are a great example, but low back pain can also present in the same way.

Doesn’t mean that pain without an injury doesn’t have a physical cause or that its “all in your head.” Pain is always real and can lead to real suffering when you don’t know how to help it.

If you need help with managing an injury or pain, please get in touch. We would be happy to help. If you would like to book an appointment you can on the website or by calling 034430741.

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